“Who is Jesus” Series

This year in teens we’re learning about the life of Jesus, doing an in-depth study
on the amazing story of Jesus Christ!


Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

Jesus’ death and resurrection are at the core of what the Bible is about. Without these
two important aspects of Jesus’ life, our faith is meaningless. It is in these two aspects
that we are given the hope for a better tomorrow. Through these two events we can have
a relationship with our Creator. This sermon uncovers how these
two events can change your life!

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The Triumphal Entry

In the days leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion we learn some powerful truths from Jesus.
Even on the night before his arrest, Jesus modeled for us a servant’s heart. In this sermon,
we will be confronted with Jesus’ love for us that is so deep that it doesn’t make sense.
This kind of love can only be found in the open arms of our Savior.

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The Whitewashed Tombs

During Jesus’ time here on Earth, encounter after encounter with religious leaders gave Jesus trouble. They were far more concerned about how Jesus’ ministry was going to mess up their finances and political careers. Jesus didn’t beat around the bush with them, and he called them out for their hypocritical behavior. In this sermon we’ll see how Jesus desires for us to not just appear to be pure, but to actually be pure.

The Temple

Jesus is very clear when it comes to how he wants us to respond to sin and impurities.
In this sermon we look at the dangers of allowing sin to take over and how sin inhibits
people from worshiping God properly. Sin interferes with our ability to worship God, but
Christ paved the way for us to overcome this selfish lifestyle.

Jesus Heals The Centurion’s Servant

The Roman officer in this sermon understood the authority and power of Jesus. He
didn’t hesitate to ask for the help of Jesus in healing his servant. The soldier’s faith in Jesus was solid and the power of Jesus is infallible. We too, have the opportunity to boldly take our needs to God. This sermon by Alex Kimpel goes in depth on how to grow our faith by taking several simple steps!

Jesus Turn Water Into Wine

Jesus' fist miracle marks an important point in His earthly ministry. This sermon goes in depth into Jesus' miraculous work and provides you with valuable insight on why drinking alcohol isn't something Jesus condones or encourages.

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The Sower And The Seed

When you plant a seed, many factors determine if it will grow. One major factor is
the condition of the soil in which the seed is planted. In this sermon you’ll be
challenged to look at the condition of the “soil” of your heart. Our hearts must be fertile
soil so our faith can grow roots and help us stand strong when the trials of life come.

Workers In The Vineyard

Although God’s kind of fairness may sound unfair at first, God is fair because
he offers us a gift that none of us deserve. All that God requires on our part is to accept that gift. Let’s consider how we are a part of the story that God continues to write and how he desires for us to participate in continuing this story.

The Unforgiving Servant

We live in a culture that tries to convince us that we offer forgiveness only after
getting revenge. In this lesson, we looked at how God’s desire for us in forgiving is
more about realizing how much he has forgiven us of—and realizing we need to
practice the art of forgiveness toward others.

The Wise And The Foolish Builder

One of the few guarantees in your teenage years is that you’ll experience storms
in life. Some of these storms come out of nowhere and you’re swept away
in the emotional chaos. Others arrive because of choices you make. In this
sermon, you’ll be challenged to strengthen your spiritual foundations so you can
stand through even the toughest storms in life.

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The Parables - The Prodigal Son

We all can relate to the parable of the lost or prodigal son. We’ve walked away at one
point or another, but we are welcomed back with open arms when we return. This sermon
goes in depth about the love that God has for you and how deep it truly is—no matter what you’ve done or where you’ve wandered.

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The Beatitudes - Trusting Differently

The Beatitudes are the introduction to the most famous sermon ever preached, the
Sermon on the Mount. Jesus challenges us by turning the standard upside-down and
revealing his heart for those who are downtrodden, overlooked, or rejected.

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Jesus’ Early Years

This sermon by Ed Velit focuses on encouraging you to follow Jesus’ example to use your early years to grow in wisdom and prepare for the rest of your life.